12 Best Anime Games On PS4 To Play In 2022

what are the best anime games on PS4? We wanted to highlight some of the best Anime games on Playstation 4.

anime games on PS4
anime games on PS4

On Sony’s platforms, there are fortunately many anime games to select from, and many of them are rather fantastic. Additionally, there is a wide variety of how these anime games function.

Traditional fighting games make up some of them, while turn-based RPGs or whole adventure games make up the rest.

To Add some extra fun, we’ve also created a list of best anime games on steam to wishlist right now.

We would pick Dragon Ball fighter Z for PS4 because if there’s an award of best game without being mentioned globally. Dragon Ball Fighter can easily get this award.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4)

Additionally, it is a team-based fighting game of the highest kind. You could tell from the moment Arc System Works received the Dragon Ball licence that the final product would be exceptional.

FighterZ is a fantastic anime game that pretty much raises the bar for anime adaptations in general, from the battle mechanics to the perfect presentation.

Fighting games, of course, aren’t for everyone, but even if you’re a complete beginner, FighterZ offers a tonne of enjoyment at even the most fundamental level.

Even if you’re just getting started, the action is kept moving by an approachable auto combo system, and those who want to delve deeper will have an enormously gratifying time.

First Of The North Star: Lost Paradise

Several video games have been adapted from the Fist of North series, although most of them haven’t done the original material justice.

The Yakuza series creator Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio did not produce what is regarded as the best Hokuto no Ken game to date until 2018.

You take on the role of Kenshiro, the game’s protagonist, as he searches for his sweetheart, Yuria, in a gameplay style reminiscent of the Yakuza series.

There are wacky minigames to master and a tonne of street goons to contend with, ina true Yakuza manner. The bundle also includes intense boss fights, some of which are more crazier than what you’ll encounter in Kazuma Kiryu’s rather normal excursions.

Lost Paradise is the ideal illustration of what can be accomplished with an anime IP when it is given to a seasoned and committed developer.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

It is the apex of the Ninja Storm series and one of the most impressive jewels in Japanese developer CyberConnect2‘s crown. It is an excellent arena brawler. Ultimate Storm 4 is incredibly nicely presented and has a vast character roster full of combatants with distinct personalities.

Five years after the game’s release, its story mode, which covers the last chapters of Naruto Shippuden, is still a visual treat.

One of the best anime games on PS4 ever is, in our opinion, CyberConnect2 because the developer’s love for the original material shines through in every cutscene and super-attack animation.

The fact that you can play the Naruto Storm franchise even if you aren’t familiar with the anime or the manga makes it recommended. By keeping the tale as true to the anime as possible in a way that is praiseworthy, CyberConnect2 has made it simple for newbies to join the franchise.

Scarlet Nexus

The game is able to create a unique identity because to its fast-paced gameplay and visual aesthetic. Scarlet Nexus pulls off a fun action RPG experience while being light on story.

You can choose to play as Kasane or Yuito in the action role-playing game Scarlet Nexus, which was released back in 2021. Due to the fact that they constantly run into each other and engage in the same final boss encounter, their stories don’t significantly diverge.

You fight waves of enemies during the gameplay with the assistance of your buddies. These characters have melee weapons, but they also have psychokinesis power.

With the use of their abilities to lift and throw an object, Kasane or Yuito can deliver a great lot of damage to an adversary.

Similar to them, their pals are also capable of using psychokinesis to control things like water, freezing time, fire, thunder, and more.

When the game introduces the opportunity to use your friends’ skills to your benefit, what begins as a button-mashing gameplay feast quickly transforms into a fast-paced action experience. This is vital while fighting with unseen foes because it will be difficult to defeat them.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

There are growing difficulty and hidden materials in almost every part of the gameplay. This demonstrates how fantastic Sword Art Online: Hollow Realisation is. Some people dislike the complexity of the game, but an RPG needs complexity as well as ways to make it simpler within the game for it to be more entertaining.

The game’s story is the only aspect with which one can find fault. For such a big and complicated game, the plot is a little boring. Even the graphics may be improved.

The game should also be upgraded by the creators. Perhaps a remake of the game would improve its visuals.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON

It is impossible to overstate the significance of Gundam in terms of anime properties. Even though Gundam is the most popular mecha brand ever, it has always had trouble making high-caliber video games, particularly outside of Japan.

The situation is different in Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost ON. This massive arcade arena fighter has hundreds of mobile suits and homages to the vast Gundam media universe.

There are numerous single player, cooperative, and multiplayer modes, so there is something for everyone. The game’s high learning curve, which necessitates exact execution of a very sophisticated control scheme, will be the only barrier to enjoyment for the majority of players.

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles

It was inevitable that the popularity of the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba would lead to a video game, and now it has.

A 3D fighting game called The Hikkomri Chronicles is based on the Demon Slayer anime series. You play as Tanjiro Kamado in the game, who is attempting to restore his sister Nezuko’s human form after she turned into a demon.

The plot is based on the events of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train and the first season of the anime. Several cutscenes are used to tell the tale, and like in the Naruto Storm series, boss battles may lead to further, story-related cutscenes.

A part of me would like to see an action RPG or hack & slash game based on the anime released for franchise fans in the future. Nothing but a dream.

Since CyberConnect2 created the game, you can very well guarantee that playing it won’t be a letdown.

Guilty Gear Strive

One of my all-time favourite anime video games on the PS4 is Guilty Gear Strive.

It is also one of the anime games with the most gorgeous visuals.
In addition, it features a large number of distinctive characters, each with their own own fighting techniques, wild combos, etc.

Additionally, it has a rich lore, which adds to the intrigue of exploring the game further.

There are so many great anime shows that choosing the top one is always difficult. However, Guilty Gear normally comes in at number two and a game you’re probably already aware with comes in at number one.

One of the latest releases and one of the best anime games on PS4 in my opinion.

Tales Of Arise

One of the most stunning JRPGs you will ever see is without a doubt Tales of Arise.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it won Best RPG at The Game Awards 2021 and has sold over 1.5 million copies since its release in 2021.

brimming with gorgeous fight effects, fantastic characters, and stats all over the screen (which we personally find oh so rewarding!).

This game has been rising in the rankings of the finest anime titles and is quickly approaching our list of all-time favourites.

a well-deserved position among the best anime games on PS4

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

A really adorable game that evokes an earlier JPRG aesthetic is Dragon Quest XI by Square Enix.

with excellent narration, stunning graphics, and that well-known and beloved fight scene.

It is purely coincidental that we placed it at number six on our list of the top anime games for the PlayStation 4 despite having sold over six million sales to date. However, we considered it to be cool.

For the PS4, we heartily endorse the gorgeous game Dragon Quest XI.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Remaking Final Fantasy VII is the only way to improve it. That is a strange remark, I admit. Haha. But, really…

We were beyond thrilled to learn that the legendary game was being completely modernised.

Final Fantasy XV, another of our favourite games in the Final Fantasy series, is portrayed in the remake’s visual presentation.

The episodic remake has only had the first episode shown to us, and we are already aching for more.

But the game, which is considered to be among the best anime games ever, was downloaded by 5 million people, including us. And the remake completely keeps up with that, earning a spot on our list of the top anime games on PS4.

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Genshin Impact

Open world role-playing game Genshin Impact is available for Windows, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch very soon.

The gorgeous environment they have created is filled with activities in this aesthetically appealing game.

We find it difficult to accept that everything was provided to us without any strings attached!

However, this is a risky game if you are one of those people who enter their credit card information to purchase new armor! Genshin Impact has the largest first-year launch revenue of any release with nearly $3+ billion earned.

So it is clear that despite being free, this game is nevertheless quite profitable. Consider that!

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