14 Best 2D Horror Games Of All Time

Don’t turn off the lights as we check out some of the best 2D horror games.

best 2d horror games

There is now a renaissance of 2D games living in an era full of hardware and developers who assist push gaming’s boundaries. That being said, there are many 2D games with wonderful tales that can compete with even the most opulent triple-A 3D releases.

Though the majority of the well-known games of the decade were in first person, there was a plethora of 2D horror games that did some incredible things in the genre. We decided to highlight a few of the better instances.

To add some more spice, we’ve also a list of best

So, without further ado, let us open the creaky door and enter the gloomy cellar in search of the best 2D horror games of all time.

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Pony Island

The first game on the list is Pony island. As this is game is for the creative people who think outside the box.

Pony Island masquerades as a suspense puzzle game. You’re stuck in limbo, confined inside a nasty and dysfunctional arcade game created by the devil himself.

The devil despises having his puzzles answered and his terrible programming exposed. in order to advance, you will need to think outside the box, and you will be offended if you do.

If you like suspense and puzzle games. Then this game is one of the best 2d horror games to try out.


You were possessed by a demon a year ago. You’ve been wreaking havoc on New York City since that fateful day. Your salvation comes from the Unavowed, an ancient society dedicated to the abolition of evil.

You are liberated, but your world is in shambles. You have no place to live, no friends, and you’re wanted by the police. Your old life has passed you by, but perhaps you can begin a new one. Join the ranks of the Unavowed and resist the approaching darkness.

Having played a significant number of point-and-click adventure games, I can assure you that this one is free of the nonsense present in some others.

This includes, but is not limited to, incoherent trial-and-error combinations of every conceivable inventory item, having your progress blocked because you can’t find the well-hidden unclear pixel you need to click on, or entirely unskippable, repeated conversation.

This game lacks all of that.

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The Last Door

This low-resolution, high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure, winner of multiple Best Games of the Year awards, allows you to experience what it’s like to be alone in the dark.

When Jeremiah Devitt receives a letter from his old schoolmate Anthony Beechworth with a hidden, cryptic message in Victorian England, he knows something is wrong.

His visit to an abandoned manor is just the beginning as he begins to recall a long-buried secret from his youth, uncovering things man was not supposed to know, and opening doors that should have remained shut…

comprises four horrifying episodes of occult and otherworldly horror that invite you to uncover Victorian England’s darkest secret. With new scenes and riddles, as well as enhanced sound.


The game’s surreal, horrific mood was influenced by the works of painters H.R. Zdzislaw Beksinski and H.R. Giger The final appearance and feel of the game were also heavily impacted by the universes of games such as Demon’s Souls and Dark Seed.

This one-of-a-kind combination gave birth to a dismal and depressing planet.

Overall, this is one of the best role-playing adventure games I’ve ever played. Every part is outstanding on its own, and when all of its components are integrated, a truly worthwhile gaming experience is created.

This game will not disappoint fans of the genre or horror games in general.

Every piece of art is simply lovely, and the gameplay perfectly complements it. It’s the ideal length for what it is, and the world sticks with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Tormentum is one of the most visually appealing adventure games, and the small crew at OhNoo Studio should be pleased of their work.

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is a 16-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG in which you play Jez, who has been abandoned at Summer Camp.

He awakens in the middle of the night to find blood everywhere, a rampaging killer dressed in a mascot costume on the loose, and himself caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse!

It’s up to you to solve the riddle and relive the Summer Camp Slasher’s past in order to put an end to this night of terror.

Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmares is a psychological horror game inspired on the creator’s personal struggle with mental illness.

In the game, you play as Thomas, who awakens from a terrifying nightmare only to discover that he is still dreaming.

He must hide from horrific apparitions and outrun his inner demons as he sinks deeper into the levels of terrible dreamscapes. He must find out which of the horrors he witnesses are manifestations of his own psychological state and what reality will be when he awakens.

Neverending Nightmares belongs to the horror genre’s must-play list. Whether or not you find it frightening, you will be troubled and intrigued as you seek a solution to the lunacy.

Lone Survivor: Directors Cut

The masked protagonist must flee a disease-ravaged metropolis by any means necessary. He’s hungry and fatigued, and he’s starting to wonder how much of what he sees is true.

It is up to YOU to figure out how to survive. You can either sneak through without firing a single shot, or you can slaughter everything in your path. Eat and sleep well, or use drugs to stay alive. Search for survivors, or try to escape the city alone. Look after your mental health, or descend into madness…

Lone Survivor combines survival horror, stealth techniques, adventure games, a virtual pet, a physical and psychological survival simulation, and a participatory plot.

The player is encouraged to role-play and ignore the game’s mechanics, while the tale adapts to the player’s actions. This is a game where your decisions truly matter.

The game’s Director’s Cut Edition now features a significant amount of additional content, a new lighting engine, and other graphical and audio changes, as well as the two new endings and three new side-quests featured in the previous PlayStation versions.

Hello Charlotte EP 2

Hello Charlotte is an episodic game in which each episode can be regarded a unique story because the storytelling style, subjects, and artwork alter, but the characters remain consistent.

Requiem Aeternam Deo is the second story in the Hello Charlotte series.

Hello Charlotte, Episode 1: Junk Food, Gods, and Teddy Bears are available for free download on itch.io.

One of the best episodic 2d horror games to play in 2022.


At least for the others, World War III was a sad catastrophe. You appeared to be having a good time, concealed in your luxury penthouse at the Skyhill Hotel… Until the impact of a bio-weapon obliterated the life you knew.

There are mutants everywhere now, and their terrible claws are ready to rip you to shreds. However, they are not your only issue: your supplies are running low. You must leave your opulent penthouse and go in search of food. Walking through a skyscraper is like walking through hell.

Every turn brings danger, and death is a constant companion. But, really, how does one prepare for something like this?

It no longer matters. Nothing is more important than survival. And time is running out.

The Cat Lady

Susan Ashworth, a lonely 40-year-old on the point of suicide, is the protagonist of The Cat Lady. She is without family, friends, or hope for a brighter future. One day, she learns that five strangers will appear and change everything…

This suspenseful psychological horror game by author Remigiusz Michalski features stylized artwork, a simple keyboard control method, and English voice acting, as well as a compelling, atmospheric 70-minute soundtrack by micAmic and featured artists Warmer, 5iah, and Tears Of Mars.

The Cat Lady contains mature themes and is only suitable for players over the age of 18.

Little Nightmares 2

You play as Mono, a boy whose face is hidden in the prequel to Little Nightmares. As you awaken amid a dense forest, you find yourself following its trails until you come across a house. As you enter the house, you discover Six, the girl from the original game, trapped in the basement.

After liberating her, you and Six set off over the insane terrain ahead of you, hoping to find a way out of the horrible nightmare you’re currently trapped in.

Return Mono to the world, which has been twisted and deformed by the effects of a mysterious tower. And the people on your planet are about as pleasant as the peasants of Las Plagas in Resident Evil 4.

Little Nightmares 2 is everything a fan of 2D horror games could want. It pushes the boundaries of movement in its sidescrolling restrictions and contains horrors on par with top-tier first- or third-person horror games.

Inside (Playdead)

If you thought the world in Limbo was lonely, you haven’t seen anything yet. The game is fundamentally unsettling from the start, and the puzzles do little to put your mind at peace.
The game, like Limbo, has no context when you initially start it up. You’re really pushed in at the deep end, coming face to face with human-like beings who have been subjected to gruelling experiments.

Solve puzzles, avoid danger, and try not to cry out in horror as you die.

Playdead Inside

Inside is similar to Limbo in many aspects, with the main distinction being a dab of color here and there as compared to the previous title’s pure monochrome universe.

The Charnel House Trilogy

A train whistle can be heard late at night. On desolate pathways, snow falls. A woman somewhere in the city is about to embark on an adventure that will transform her life. A man journeys to his final destination somewhere in the country.

The Charnel House Trilogy tells the story of a disastrous night aboard a train going for Augur Peak. Madeleine Roux, Peter Willington, Jonathan Grier, Jim Sterling, and Ben Chandler as Grub feature in three fascinating, terrifying adventure games from the depths of the Sepulchre.

Ivan Ulyanov and Ben Chandler created the artwork, and Jack de Quidt, a nervous test pilot, and Bryan Henderson composed the soundtrack.


Limbo is a 2D black-and-white game that manages to say a lot with a very little story. This is what makes the game so terrifying. While not as terrifying or intense as any other game on our list, Limbo’s art style is the only thing that makes you fearful.

There is no conversation, and the game focuses heavily on shadows and silhouettes. As a result of this decision, it feels gloomy and unclean. You’re unsure how to proceed because the indication of danger is so hazy.

The plot is almost non-existent, but you can’t help but get drawn in. It’s a very unique game in every way, from its design to the scary domain you’re striving to traverse.

For those who don’t know what LIMBO is, In Roman Catholic theology, limbo is the border area between heaven and hell where souls who, while not condemned to punishment, are denied the joy of eternal existence with God in heaven.

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