Atomic Heart: Xbox Players Are Stuck On Intro Due To A Bug

Some players encounter an unusual game-breaking bug that makes it impossible to complete the introductory mission in Atomic Heart.

Xbox Players are stuck on intro due to a bug in Atomic Heart
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The newly released game Atomic heart is taking over the internet and will most likely dethrone the latest release and best-selling game of 2023, Hogwarts Legacy.

But an unusual bug preventing the Xbox Game Pass players from completing the intro to the newly released Atomic Heart. This bug happens to only those who preloaded the game or downloaded it shortly after the release. There is no clear statement about what’s causing the glitch, though this bug will likely be easy to fix.

Atomic Heart is set in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union still exists, a soviet scientist developed a neuro-polymer substance in the 1930s, which led to a massive breakthrough in most of the science branches like energy, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

The same scientist later developed a device called Thought using the same polymer, which can be integrated directly into the human body. However, the Thought device didn’t go as planned and robots started killing people. Players take control of Major Sergei Nachaev as he battles killing robots.

Atomic Heart is taking over the internet within 1 day but yet, but the game hasn’t had a perfect launch either. The bugs and the performance issues are causing players unable to pass through the game’s introductory mission.

Players reached a quest “No Rest For The Wicked” where they are instructed to get into the car. However, when players interact with the door, a padlock and a small message saying “The content is only available in the full version of the game“.

Is There Any Fix?

If you launch the game while it is still installing, you may get this error. However, some players on Xbox Game Pass PC are still facing the issue after completing the 90GB installation.

Fortunately, there is a fix for this error. Quitting the game and relaunching will most likely fix the error. The App may need to download an update before resolving the issue but, it works in most cases.

You’ve waited for a long-time for this game and when you finally got the chance to play it, the bug will not let you do it. Early morning, this bug appears in every Reddit user’s post, so the developers may have fixed the issue as soon as they find out.

The same account tried relaunching the game and it works perfectly fine.

Atomic Heart hasn’t had the perfect launch and some rating websites like Gamerant gave the game an “Okay” rating while the critics are praising the game element and gameplay design.

What do you think of Atomic Heart? Have you faced the bug?

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