PC Launch of Atomic Heart: No Ray Tracing, No Game

One of the best features of Nvidia RTX, and the long-awaited game Atomic Heart, launches on PC without any Ray Tracing support.

atomic heart with no ray tracing support for PC

One of the most anticipated games of 2023, Atomic Heart which was delayed since 2018, has hit the stores on PC without any of its announced ray-traced visual effects.

Atomic Heart has had a long and troubled production, having announced back in 2018. Gamers have been curious about the graphics all the time because it was one of the most notable features of the game. It’s because Atomic Heart is set in an alternate universe in 19s century where the Soviet Union still exists and a soviet scientist has developed a polymer.

The same scientist has developed a device called Thought Device using the same polymer. This Neuro-Polymer can be integrated directly into the human body. However, the Thought device didn’t go as planned, causing mass destruction in Facility 3826.

The players control Major Sergei Nachaev who was assigned to investigate what’s going on in the facility. Robots started killing people and your job is to kill the killing robots (going with the vibe).

After RockPaperShotgun noticed that the preview build of Atomic Heart doesn’t have any ray-traced option. The team reached out to the developers, who confirmed saying “Ray Tracing will be introduced into the game on PC at a later date“.

Hyping Gamers Strategy

Just to remind you, Mundfish showed off 4k RTX Gameplay 2 months ago, hyping the graphics it’s one of the notable features.

On the other hand, Mundfish had other plans for PC players. PC players, to see Atomic Heart’s implementation of Ray-Traced graphics, reflections, and more will have to wait a bit longer still.

Atomic Heart hasn’t had the best launch either. Xbox game pass users have been facing some issues lately.

Players reached a quest “No rest for the wicked” where they are instructed to get into the car. However, a message with a padlock shows up while interacting with the car, saying “The content is only available in the full version of the game“.

What do you think of the Atomic Heart? Were you facing issues with the game lately?

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