Atomic Heart: 5 Hours Of Gameplay Leaked

Atomic heart which is the most awaited game of 2023, and will release on 21st February, seems to spoil the fun with these 5 hours of footage.

atomic heart 5 hours of  leaked gameplay

A YouTuber named Garythelians posted five hours of footage on his youtube channel, saying he may upload more Atomic Heart videos.

Atomic Heart is a first-person action role-playing game developed by Mundfish for PC and Consoles. The game is in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union still exists.

The gameplay is a combination of exploration puzzle-solving and intense combat. You will explore the world searching for clues, fighting enemies, and solving puzzles to complete the missions.

Now I’m sure, Mundfish may take this video down as soon as possible, so make sure to watch it while you can.

Here is the video!

In the meantime, you can also read our article on the game, you can be a good lad and read our article on the storyline, and gameplay elements or you can just click this video to spoil your fun anyways. (I’ve already watched it).

You can pre-purchase the game right now on steam, and also on PS4, and PS5. The game comes with 3 different standard, Gold, and premium editions.

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