A Tamagotchi-Style App Which Lets You Raise Virtual Pets- Peridot

Niantic’s very own AR Tamagotchi game – peridot

After the overwhelming success of Pokémon Go, Niantic decides to recreate the Pokémon Go. But it’s nothing to do with Pokémon. Instead, Peridot is a brand new creation from Niantic itself. Focused firmly on the casual audience.

Peridot is Niantic’s first original property after Ingress. The development took two and a half years. The mystical creatures are awakening after thousands of years. The game is built around playing with mystical creatures.

Peridot game
Credit: Eurogamers

While talking to the Eurogamers, When asked why it was building a new app separate from the Pokémon Go Producer Ziah Fogel told that we want it to be a standalone pet simulation game. She continued that they want to improve the popular pet simulation genre.

Like Niantic’s other games, You can explore the real world with your virtual pets. Using Niantic’s ARDK technology, peridot can recognize different terrain for different items depending on whether they are on grass, water, or sand. Gameplay will also change depending upon the weather. And they said that they are also working on implementing snow as well.

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Peridot will feature Daily Tasks including petting, feeding, and walking your creature. Individual Peridots will also have their desires, such as going to a specific destination or eating a tomato. There will be no consequences if you neglect your Peridot, so they will never die if you get busy and decide to do something else for a while. Instead, Niantic wants to reward players for coming back and playing more often.

“I think it will depend,” Fogel says when they ask how long growing a Peridot will take. “Obviously there will be some players who rush to the endgame, but for most players – most casual players – it will be something in the order of one to three days you’ll spend with the same creature from babyhood to teenagehood to adulthood.”

Once they are grown, You’ll then have the option to release them at a local point of interest. The places you may have seen on Pokéstops in Pokémon Go. While some of these places will have placed peridot placed by the algorithms.

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