8 Interesting Games Like Rust In 2022

Rust was a mainstay long before the survival genre became popular. These are the games like rust to play if you’re missing that fight or flight feeling.

games like rust

Survival games are probably one of the most popular gaming genres today. Although they differ in some ways, the goal of all of them is to put the players through rigorous testing.

Rust was one of the first games with this goal. The game, which was released in 2013, succeeded to resurrect the survival genre.

Rust’s success set a significant precedent for the game industry. Survival games such as Rust have begun to appear one after the other.

Despite the fact that no game has been able to completely replace Rust in the last seven years, we still have some excellent options.

While some games, such as ARK: Survival Evolved, expanded on much of what Rust established, others fell short in terms of content. You begin as a primitive human and progress to flying an aircraft or building bridges. Rust is a fight-or-flight game in which survival is at any cost. Form alliances or prepare for combat. the option is yours.

Let’s look at some games like rust together.

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State Of Decay

we have a state of decay on our priority list.

State of Decay is a near-perfect zombie game concept since it covers every facet of what it would be like to endure that pandemic. State of Decay, unlike most run-and-gun zombie shooters, includes a critical component – construction.

In the game, you can construct a base to assist you in fighthe t against the undead.

You must look for the necessary materials, as in most survival games. Instead of another person creeping through your doorway, it’s usually a horde of zombies charging toward you in the hopes of claiming your life. The game is a fantastic spin on the third-person zombie game that keeps you on the edge of your seat while still urging you to keep going.

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Ark Survival Evolved

In terms of visuals and content, ARK Survival Evolved is one of the games that comes closest to Rust. You can spend time with other gamers on public or private servers, just as in Rust.

The prospect of being stranded on an island with dinosaurs needs a little persuasion. All of the essential survival mechanics found in prior survival games are present in Ark Survival Evolved: You have a health and food meter, an inventory of weapons and food, and, of course, the ability to build a base.

Ark is essentially a dinosaur survival game. The creators, on the other hand, have introduced a slew of new critters and much more land to explore.

You begin with a spear and proceed to a bow, but by the time you reach your limit, you will be riding a raptor with a machine gun, returning to your huge fortress of high technology.

To survive in ARK, a universe where dinosaurs and people coexist, you must be cautious. You can tame a dinosaur and utilize it as currency if you are successful enough. One of the best games like rust if you give it a try.

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The Forest

The Forest is one of the best survival games similar to rust to reach the market. The plot, which begins with a plane crash and ends with mystery beings stealing your child, is extremely intriguing.

The Forest, as the name suggests, takes place in a geographical setting with extensive woodlands. You must seek food while shielded from the rain and combat zombies while laying traps.

The Forest combines horror and survival to create a seamless experience in an open-world setting. This game was a commercial success, selling over 5 million copies. The Forest is getting a sequel, but the original is hard to beat.

The Forest Game like rust

Sons of the Forest, which has been announced for the Forest, is now in development. The trailers for the sequel, which will be released years later, are quite dark and frightening. If you haven’t played Forest yet, now is a good time to do so before the second player.

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Escape From Tarkov

For those who prefer survival PVP, Escape From Tarkov offers a slightly different experience. Raids are events in which players go to obtain loot and enhance their character. Anyone who dies during a raid risks having all of the things in their inventory plundered.

Players drop into one of numerous maps on the quest for loot, with anything discovered before extraction being yours to keep. It’s an admittedly convoluted affair that doesn’t do the best job of explaining itself to newcomers.

However, if you die, you will lose it forever. Tarkov is a game of anxiety-inducing risk and reward that moves at a snail’s pace at times, but stay with it and you may find it difficult to escape yourself.

There are numerous ways to play the game, with multiple different maps and a mix of PVP and survival. The game has remained new because of regular wipe resets and improvements, and the community has grown in 2022.

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The survival-based RPG was only recently launched. Iron Gate intended to make a sandbox-style game similar to Rust set in a fictional medieval environment. Valheim incorporates many of the aspects that make the previous games so enjoyable to play.

The biggest distinction between this and Rust is that Valheim is a co-op game in which players must survive against PvE. It features bosses to defeat as you go through the various building materials, as well as a variety of creatures and biomes to explore.

The game focuses more on PVE, treasure, and progression than many of the other titles. People are rewarded for defeating the bosses in each biome and progressing to higher-level zones. Iron Gate has announced that it would continue to create and release new content in the coming months.

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Although the aesthetics make it appear to be a relatively casual game, Astroneer’s foundation is surprisingly substantial. In this space-themed game, you must strive to survive on several planets either alone or with your friends.

Its graphics may be a touch rudimentary for today’s standards, but the brilliant hues present throughout Astroneer provide some very remarkable sights that won’t be forgotten quickly.

The same could be said of the game’s catchy soundtrack, which will stay in players’ thoughts long after their computers have been turned off.


Where the game falters is in its difficulty, or lack thereof, to be more specific. It’s not simple, but anyone looking for a challenge will likely be disappointed with what’s on offer. It also has a few technical concerns that need to be addressed.

Aside from that, it’s a fantastic game that can be played alone or with the company. The latter is unquestionably the greatest way to experience it, although both may be as gratifying and calming.

You must find new technologies and use these technologies to build things such as space ships using the dozens of various resources you harvest from planets.

Although it does not provide the multiplayer experience that Rust does, it is a really enjoyable game in its own right.

No Man’s Sky

Millions of players were first excited. After its debut, the exhilaration transformed into a strong dislike. The developer team has improved the game significantly in recent years.

Aside from the unique objectives, one of the aspects that distinguishes the game is the fact that co-op multiplayer is quite enjoyable. If you’ve been avoiding the game in recent years, No Man’s Sky is ready for you.

Their vision has guided them through difficult times, and the game now allows you to interact with the universe in ways never previously possible. The missions are interesting, and the co-op multiplayer is entertaining. No Man’s Sky is a must-play for fans of Rust and space exploration.

Don’t be discouraged by the game’s low average Steam review. The great bulk of those reviews date back to the disastrous 2016 launch.

Everyone who has played the game recently has been pleased with the range of content.

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Green Hell

Green Hell is one of the top games like rust on the list. To proceed in the game, you must follow a story, unlike other survival games. You can complete the missions alone or with your pals.

Green Hell has almost 25 thousand user reviews on Steam, with an average rating of 9/10. It demonstrates the enjoyable and stunning atmosphere provided by this ordinary game.

In contrast to previous survival games, players must complete objectives to progress. In version 1.0 of the game, a story was added. “Green Hell is a tough survival game that throws you against the elements, the Amazonian rainforest, and your psyche,” according to screenrant.com.

Check out Green Hell, which received very high ratings from both gaming sites and players. You will be pleased with your efforts to survive in the Amazon rainforest.

It’s an excellent game to try because it has great base construction, survival, and co-op elements. Finally, the PvE is difficult enough to cope with that it compensates for the lack of PvP.

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