8 Best Power Rangers Games Of 2022

Let’s visit the childhood memories, as we check out some of the best power rangers games to play right now.

best power ranger games

If you were not alive in the 1990s, you may be unfamiliar with the Power Rangers franchise, and you may be uninformed about the number of video games made for the series.

Power Rangers games may not be popular with critics, but they have been appreciated by fans for many years.

Power Rangers, like many kid-oriented shows of the 1980s and 1990s, appeared to be produced solely to sell toys, pajamas, bubble soap, and, of course, video games.

With the basic setup of five(ish) costumed superheroes performing exaggerated kung-fu on all manner of monsters, cyborgs, and aliens—while occasionally transforming into giant robots, dinosaurs, and other mechanical beasts—the majority of the work in turning the Power Rangers into video game stars were already done.

Join me as we go back over 20 years of Power Rangers in video games, recalling some famous titles and determining whether there is a single truly good game in the entire series.

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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Power Rangers fans have always believed that the franchise has been overlooked when it comes to video games. Battle For The Grid was created specifically for them. It’s not just a shockingly good fighting game, but it’s also a lot of fun.

The game is a love letter to the entire series, with lots of classic Rangers to play as.

Fighting game enthusiasts should not pass on this entry since, while it was initially lacking in depth, post-launch material has transformed it into a well-rounded title.

However, there is sufficient depth to keep anyone interested in mastering it. Great for kids, adults, and whatever you name yourself when you’re a little of both.

Granted, it isn’t the greatest fighter ever.

But if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned PR badassery, here is the place to be. It’s also accessible on all major consoles and PC, so you may play it whichever you like.

Chroma Squad 2015

It’s always rewarding to see a game that began by seeking financing on Kickstarter grow into one of the best titles in its genre.

Chroma Squad is a Strategy RPG in which you control a bunch of stunt actors for a Super Sentai show, similar to Power Rangers, who abandon their jobs to start their own studio.

Chroma Squad is a tactical role-playing game inspired by Japanese television shows such as Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

However, in this game, you play as stunt actors who have banded together to form their own production company. And your job is to help them launch their television show.

The conflicts are staged episodes of your show, and you must complete them in such a way that your fans are satisfied and money floods in.

The only reason I’m not putting Chroma Squad first is because… well, it’s not a Power Rangers title.

Still, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to encourage at least one person to try this fantastic game.

If you’re a big fan of Power Rangers, especially any of the games, you’ll love Chroma Squad.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

This game, like every excellent video game sequel, takes everything that made MMPR amazing and turned it up to 11. Greater visuals, better gameplay, more diversity, bigger music, better-set pieces, and a drop-in co-op mode made this the ideal video game adventure for Power Rangers fans.

While the majority of the game was played on a 2D plane, certain stages featured a second plane that you— and your enemies— could jump between, essentially giving a layer of depth to the gameplay.

The transition from human to Ranger was as pleasant as it had always been.

New set piece-type parts, such as skiing and battling atop a speeding train, improved the game’s dramatic sense.

Some may consider the lack of Zord combat to be a step back, but it resulted in a more integrated experience overall— and those who still wanted that could just acquire the stand-alone fighting game that handled Zord battles better, anyhow.

Power Rangers: Beats Of Power

If the issue surrounding Chroma Squad piqued your interest, we present Power Rangers Beats of Power.

“Beats of Power” is a freeware arcade fighting game created by fans for the PC.

Saban Brands, Natsume, Banpresto, and Bandai have not licensed or supported the game.
Merso X, the designers of “Beats of Power,” stated that they imagined the Power Rangers having their own “Turtles in Time” type arcade to beat them up. And knowing that, you can perceive the influences.

Features amazing graphics and gameplay mechanics inspired by the oldies.

Power Rangers: Beats of Power is without a doubt one of the best Power Rangers games of all time.

Power Rangers: Super Legends

While some individuals had conflicting emotions about Power Rangers: Super Legends, depending on the console they played it on, it’s difficult to ignore how much of a delight it was for series aficionados. Players might choose from several Rangers teams rather than controlling a single one.

The plot varies based on the console, but it revolves around a terrible man, some crystals, the Hall of Legends, and the fate of the entire universe.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Legacy Wars follows a small group of rangers as they travel through time to help their fellow heroes when Rita Repulsa corrupts the Morphin Grid.

Despite being a clear gacha-centric game with the only goal of emptying your financial account via micro-transactions, it’s difficult to ignore the appeal of collecting rangers from across the franchise.

The gameplay is a mix of beat-’em-up and rock-paper-scissors.

However, it is more about expanding your collection than anything else. Still, a lot of fun.

Power Rangers : Dino Thunder

Despite the fact that Power Rangers games were being released for the powerful PlayStation 2 and GameCube at the time, the GBA received the greatest version of the Dino Thunder-based games. While the Zords are thrilling to use in battle, commanding massive, lumbering robots as they slowly creep through large terrain is a pain.

The GBA Dino Thunder game follows the tried-and-true formula of switching between Ranger and Zord stages. The Ranger sections have some of the best gameplay of any PR game, not accomplishing anything particularly new with the action but simply getting the look and feel “perfect.”

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Power Rangers: Wild Force

Whereas the most of the games on this list will be of the combat or beat ’em up variety (both of which we enjoy), the 2002 Game Boy Advance title “Power Rangers Wild Force” offers something completely different: an isometric adventure.

There are some great cutscenes and dialogue moments, and you can even battle as enormous robots in 2D.

The settings are extremely varied. From cruise ships to deep jungles to temple ruins, there’s something for everyone.

wrapped in a retro arcade-style presentation

The fighting is straightforward, the sound effects are old, and everything about it feels timeless.

Power Rangers Wild Force is a fantastic game for nostalgic aficionados, and we highly suggest it to any Power Rangers fan.

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