17 Best Zombie Games For Android In 2022

Can You Remember the very first time when you watched Train To Busan and World War Z? How was your experience with these movies? Didn’t you wish to fight them? If anyhow you love those shows, these zombie games for android will be your favorite type. If yes, Here is the list we’ve handpicked for you of the best zombie games for android.

Zombie games for Android and iOS are quickly becoming a popular and well-liked genre among smartphone gamers. Pubg Mobile, a popular battle royale game, has also added a zombie survival mode.

And today, every gamer is more prepared than anyone else to face a zombie apocalypse. In fact, if a zombie apocalypse breaks out, only gamers are likely to survive. Because these zombie survival games taught you a lot of things, such as where to go to find loot, how to build a strong defense, which weapon to use, and, most importantly, which friend or relative you had to leave as zombie bait.

State Of Survival

In the strategy game State of Survival, you must repel hordes of zombies that are attempting to destroy your city. You’ll need to use the various weapons at your disposal and maintain your position to accomplish this. State of Survival’s graphics is appealing and provide a birds-eye perspective of the landscape.

This vantage point will make it simple for you to see each of your characters and get ready to shoot any approaching zombies. This game’s ability to let you gradually unlock new tools and teammates for your team is another fantastic feature.

You can develop an efficient strategy for defeating your opponents with each new development. You’ll have the option to change each team member’s skill set as you gain experience in the game. You can use the unique abilities of each of these characters to eliminate the zombies as quickly as possible.

Additionally, each of the characters will assign you a set of tasks to complete in order to construct new city units and aid the populace during these trying times. You’ll enjoy playing the State of Survival as you assist your team in fending off each wave of zombies that invades the city. Simply tap on each section of the map to carry out the tasks that will help you finish each challenge.

Zombie Frontier 3

Zombie Frontier 3 is an FPS game. As many survivors as you can be saved, you must also eliminate every zombie you come across. To aim your weapon, simply move your finger around the left side of the screen as your character always moves automatically. You can shoot, use your weapon’s sight, and reload using the buttons on the right side of the screen. Adrenaline shots and hand grenades are additional options (from time to time).

There are more than a hundred different levels in Zombie Frontier 3 where you must accomplish a variety of tasks. Normally, the only objective of a level is to eliminate all the zombies, but occasionally, you’ll also need to defend other survivors or endure a certain amount of time alive.

A fun first-person shooter, Zombie Frontier 3 has a tonne of different levels and a tonne of different weapons that you can buy and unlock. Additionally, the graphics are quite impressive.

Zombie Survival: Wasteland

In the survival game Zombie Survival: Wasteland, you take on the role of the lone survivor of a devastating zombie apocalypse. You’ll need to use your wits to make repairs to your shelter and defend yourself from the relentless hordes of undead that will attack you day after day when you’re left on an island by yourself with just your devoted dog.

‘Rust’ is unquestionably comparable to Zombie Survival: Wasteland in terms of gameplay and visuals. However, it swaps out the first-person viewpoint for a much more precise top-down perspective. You’ll begin Zombie Survival: Wasteland with nothing but the clothes on your back, just like the other games in the genre. The progression system in Zombie Survival: Wasteland is excellent as well.

By using the experience points you acquire by completing objectives, you can enhance the characteristics of your character in this way. In every sense of the word, Zombie Survival: Wasteland is a title of the highest caliber. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a fresh survival game where they can demonstrate their mettle in the face of a zombie apocalypse.

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Dead Trigger

In the first-person shooter video game Dead Trigger, the player assumes the role of one of the few survivors in a world that is crashing down around him, and where the only important choices are whether to live or die. The game comes with a very interesting narrative explaining why the world is collapsing due to various disasters, with zombies serving as the primary cause of death. The main story quest mission for one player in the game can last up to twenty hours.

In order to combat the hordes of zombies, your character must use his vast arsenal of weapons, which includes machine guns, pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns.

The game’s incredible graphics are one of its strongest features. The game’s console-quality graphics are on par with the best console games, and it was created by the same team that gave us the impressive Shadowgun.

It cannot be compared to the majority of other mobile games. Dead Trigger is a fantastic first-person shooter action game that won’t just give you goosebumps because of its terrifying story, but also because of the numerous levels and the endless hours of entertainment it offers.

Zombie Catchers

In the video game Zombie Catchers, the earth has been overrun by zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Bud (the diminutive green alien) can be moved through 2D scenarios in which the goal is to seize a predetermined number of zombies. You only need to hit a zombie with a harpoon to capture him. But be careful—many zombies hide, so you have to use bait to entice them out of hiding. Bud and A.J. start the business by making zombie smoothies after the zombies are captured. Certainly smoothies. By using the money you make from selling these smoothies, you can upgrade your tools and add new weapons, lures, and even a jetpack.

A 2D action-adventure game with a unique and enjoyable approach and some striking graphics is called Zombie Catchers.

Last Day On Earth

You play as one of the few survivors of a sizable zombie apocalypse in the third-person MMORPG Last Day on Earth. Your priority should be to survive. But as you navigate this new world where survival is determined by strength, you’ll unavoidably adapt and set even higher goals. Even though the game is online, you can still communicate with other players (and even fight against them).

However, Last Day on Earth succeeds in conveying that sense of complete solitude that is typical in a post-apocalyptic setting. You are essentially alone at all times. The animals you can hunt and the group of zombies you must kill are your only companions.

The gathering of resources that can be used to create various objects is one of the game’s most crucial elements. There’s more to explore, making this game one of the best zombie games on android.

You can find wood, hemp, stone, minerals, meat, vegetables, and more in nature. You can construct anything you want out of these materials, including a house, a work table, and even an orchard. Find screws, plastic, circuitry, and other modern components to build and use weapons, explosives, and other devices.

In the starting area, you can construct your home and operational headquarters. Remember that if you pass away, you’ll come back here. Last Day on Earth takes place in a vast, secretive world. You can also go to other players’ areas.

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Dead Target: Zombie Game 3D

In Dead Target, you play as the lone survivor of a zombie attack in the middle of a fictitious World War III. To rebuild the planet, you must eliminate all the undead that prowl the planet in search of life. You’ll experience the terror of the most abominably horrifying zombie attacks playing this first-person game. If you don’t want to end up becoming a zombie yourself, find first-aid kits to treat your wounds.

Your aim and reflexes will be put to the test in Dead Target to defeat the super warriors, as one mistake will leave you defenseless against hordes of zombies who are only interested in killing you.

If you shoot at specific locations on the zombies, you can upgrade the weapons you find along the way in the struggle for survival. The more money you can earn and spend on upgrades and other power-ups for your next mission, the better your aim will be, and the more money you can earn.

The Walking Dead: Our World

The popular AMC TV show The Walking Dead, which is based on the Robert Kirkman comic book, is the inspiration for the Android video game The Walking Dead: Our World. After a zombie apocalypse, you’ll need to use your smartphone’s geolocalization system and augmented reality to try to survive in the real world.

The immensely popular Pokémon GO app and the Ingress games by Niantic Labs both had a big influence on the game. In short, you can explore your surroundings, engage with elements that have been superimposed on the real world, construct your own shelter, locate survivors, and generally make due in this desolate world. You play an action-based minigame against the zombies you encounter in the area by making on-screen gestures when you run into someone. You’ll need to find and develop weapons as you play, and you may even need some assistance from specific NPCs if you want to survive.

The main goal of The Walking Dead: Our World is to craft various materials while eradicating zombie-infested areas. Having said that, you can also team up with other players and utilize the structures and safe zones created by others.


Madfinger Games‘ newest first-person shooter, Unkilled (the franchise that brought you Dead Tigger and Shadowgun). In this game, you take on the role of a soldier who has survived the zombie apocalypse and must defend New York City from zombie attacks.

You and a few other members of the Wolfpack military unit will need to find a solution in the story’s desolate setting. Naturally, street fighting will result from this.

The missions in Unkilled are only two or three minutes long. You can choose from pistols, machine guns, rifles, or knives as well as other unique items like missiles and adrenaline injections before each match. You won’t need to press a button to shoot; instead, your weapon will automatically fire whenever an enemy comes into view. This is one of the game’s unique gameplay elements. This is ideal for touchscreen devices and makes controlling your character simpler.

Unkilled is a fantastic first-person shooter with graphics that appear more appropriate for a console game than a mobile game. You’ll have to fight against a variety of zombie types in the lengthy story mode. Undoubtedly a fantastic shooter game.

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Into The Dead

In the first-person action game Into the Dead, players assume the role of a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who is frantically escaping the current location, which has been taken over by zombies. Your character will move directly in one direction if you tilt your phone to one side; if you tilt it to the other, he will move in the opposite direction because the game is controlled by your device’s accelerometer.

Additionally, though it’s not as significant, you can use weapons by touching the screen. In Into the Dead, staying away from the approaching zombies is crucial because they will kill you if they even touch you.

You will also come across more obstacles as you run, such as trees, cornfields, abandoned tractors, and much more. Anything that makes you move more slowly could be fatal. The action video game Into the Dead has a straightforward, compelling visual aesthetic. The setting and effects of the game are truly amazing, and they constantly evoke hopelessness.

Dawn Of Zombies: Survival

A third-person role-playing game called Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War clearly draws inspiration from the outstanding title Last Day on Earth. This time, you get to command one of the few zombie apocalypse survivors. You’ll be largely on your own at the beginning of your adventure, but you’ll gradually find your way.

You’ll need to gather resources and create new weapons in Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War, just like in other games of a similar nature. The walls, floors, work table, and fireplace can all be constructed from these materials.

In the general vicinity of the map where you’ll begin playing, you can also construct your base of operations. In “creation mode,” you can alter your base. Remember that there are many diverse places in the world that you can visit. To ensure that the game’s narrative progresses and you can determine what happened, you’ll need to play in various locations and engage with other characters.


An MMORPG called LifeAfter places a strong emphasis on both action and survival. Players take control of one of the last few survivors in a zombie apocalypse by helping them find safety, erect defenses, work with other survivors and fight a variety of enemies.

You choose your avatar’s appearance after starting a new game by choosing from a variety of customization options. Select a male or female character to play as, then personalize their attire, hairstyle, and facial features.

Additionally, you can choose the race of each character as well as the color of their obedient dog, which will always be by your side. LifeAfter’s controls work well on touchscreen mobile devices. There is a virtual joystick to the left of your screen that controls movement.

A map with crucial details, such as shortcuts to your tools and weapons, is also included so you can always know where you are.

By gathering various materials, such as rocks, metals, and pieces of wood, you can make all kinds of useful tools in LifeAfter. Additionally, you can construct a variety of much larger structures, including doors, windows, walls, floors, and tables.

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Zombies War: New World

In the shooting game Zombie World War, you battle a never-ending horde of zombies. Thankfully, you are well-positioned (at the bottom of the screen) and have access to a vast array of weapons.

In Zombie World War, you play the hero at the bottom of the screen while zombies attack you at the top of the screen. You can aim and shoot the zombies mercilessly by moving your finger around the screen.

In line with its moniker, Zombie World War pits players against the dead across three different world maps. More than 120 missions are available, with dozens of different zombies to face.

Last Empire War Z

In the strategy and management game Last Empire-War Z, you control a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse. You must build structures, explore new areas, form alliances, and, of course, engage in zombie combat in order to accomplish this.

Last Empire-War Z’s gameplay is standard for the genre; you have to finish missions in order to do things like improve buildings or discover new locations. You will gain experience from this, enabling you to level up and strengthen your base.

In Last Empire-War Z, combat occurs automatically. You only need to gather troops and form squads; the zombie battles will be handled by them on their own. Additionally, as you progress in the game, you’ll switch from constantly defending your base to going on the offensive and attacking other settlements and zombie hordes.

The strategy game Last Empire-War Z contains management elements. Fans of The Walking Dead will enjoy it because it has a fascinating background, decent graphics, and a tonne of references.

Age Of Origin

The zombie apocalypse reduced humanity to its caveman ancestors. The light in the darkness is now YOU. By building up vast armies of weapons, explosives, and hardy human soldiers, SURVIVE. Kill the zombie hordes, rebuild your city, save the refugees, and bring prosperity to the world to REVIVE civilization. SUCCESS by forming alliances with other global commanders, annihilating your adversaries, and capturing the Capital to lead the new era of humanity!

Because in Age of Origins, human schemers and backstabbers pose a greater threat than zombies do!

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Left To Survive

Controlling one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse is a challenge in the third-person shooter Left to Survive. Your main objective is to arm yourself with weapons and head out into the streets to engage the living in combat.

In Left to Survive, the controls are straightforward. When necessary, your character will automatically move about the environment in search of cover. Simply sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen to aim and shoot is all that is required. Depending on the situation, you can also use a machete or throw grenades.

One of the key features of Left to Survive is that you can manage your camp in addition to spending the majority of your time-fighting zombies from a third-person perspective. Just like in a strategy game, you can construct new buildings, make improvements to existing ones, and manage your resources in general.

The excellent third-person shooter Left to Survive includes strategy components to add more variety. When you’ve reached a certain level in the game, a PVP game mode is available as well as stunning visuals.

Dooms Day: Last Survivors

A strategy game called Doomsday: Last Survivors is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are wreaking havoc everywhere. You must use the strength of many warriors to thwart the advance of the living dead in order to save humanity from a dire situation.

You can use a number of the characters in Doomsday: Last Survivors to help you assemble a squad that is reasonably balanced.

In this game, your goal is to stop each horde of enemies as you rebuild the city. There are numerous destroyed buildings, and it is up to you to use all of your rewards to advance various facets of the universe. It will also be necessary to seek out new heroes as you progress through the various Doomsday: Last Survivors rounds.

The stronger zombies will enter the city limits, making the game more challenging. In any case, you’ll need to construct forts and walls from the very first levels onward to try to keep the enemies out of the protected areas.

You can unlock dozens of characters and items in Doomsday. try to fend off each wave of zombies. You’ll be able to defend yourself using the enormous variety of troops available to you. As you continue to improve each of the buildings that are being rebuilt in the city.

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