11 Best Zombie Games On PS2 Of All Time

You better Aim For the head, Cause if you won’t zombies will do the same. Let’s check out the best zombie games on ps2 you can play in 2022.

The PlayStation 2 is Sony’s sixth-generation console and the follow-up to the PlayStation (PSX). In North America it was released on October 26th, 2000, and less than a month later in Europe.

Both the CPU and RAM were 300 MHz. Even though the PlayStation 2 was replaced by the PlayStation 3 in 2006, PS2 continued to be produced until 2013.

It continues to be the most widely used console in the history of the video game industry, having sold over 155 million units.
The PS2 is the console to get if you’re looking for all the flesh-eating, undead-slaying, zombielicious action.

zombie games on ps2

Additionally, it brought to mind how many Resident Evil games there are.

The following zombie games are definitely not for the weak of heart, with settings ranging from deserted prisons to eerie ships floating without a captain.

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ManHunt II

At a top-secret research facility, an experiment has disastrously gone wrong. Only Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are still alive. The Pickman Project will do whatever it takes to find them and prevent the truth from emerging.

The dank asylum that has kept you imprisoned for the last six years is filled with deranged screams. Your eyes are opened. You see a white-clad body sag to the ground through your trembling hands. Your arm drops a syringe filled with blood. Confusion and paranoia sweep over you in waves. You aren’t aware of your identity or how you got here.

Your cell’s door is open. one option One chance. They murdered you. It’s time to reverse that.

Curse: The Eye Of Isis

The Natural History Museum in Great Britain is experiencing strange occurrences in 1890.

The Eye of Isis Egyptian statue has been taken. A group of ruthless thugs has broken into the building. And parts of the museum have been overtaken by a mysterious fog that is killing and changing everything it comes into contact with.

You will play as museum curator/archaeologist Victoria Sutton and her childhood friend Darien Dane. In this survival horror game, you will have to battle the various creatures and entities produced by this fog.

Before finally entering the pyramid tomb where you must locate and destroy the treasure. You’ll spend a lot of time in the museum. Ride a steam train to the coast, and travel the seas in a sizable cargo ship.

Dead Nation

The world has been devastated by a viral epidemic that has infected almost everyone, turning them into flesh-eating zombies that roam the planet.

You can choose to play as Jack McReady or Scarlett Blake in the PS2 game Dead Nation. These two survivors have managed to evade the deadly virus. You must navigate zombie-infested streets, structures, and swamps to flee your hometown and discover the one treatment that can save humanity.

Along the way, you’ll face off against numerous “ex-humans” who have mutated into dreadful creatures of the night in addition to hundreds of zombies. Nobody said a zombie apocalypse would be a walk in the park, so escaping won’t be simple.

Do you believe you have what it takes to make it through this new game from the designers of Super Stardust HD?

Resident Evil 4

A long time ago, Resident Evil 4 and I were friends. It’s only fair that this game wins the bronze award on this list of the top zombie games on the PS2 because I’ve talked about it so much on so many different consoles.

As a result, everyone in Racoon City becomes a mindless zombie as a result of the T-Virus. This game is as close to a zombie apocalypse as you can get, moving away from the city and featuring a cool new over-shoulder camera angle that brings you closer to the action (on the PS2, obviously).

Oddly, this game was only ever intended for the GameCube since that console is very family-friendly. Who would have imagined that it would quickly rank among the best zombie games on PS2 ever produced and sell more than 10 million copies across all consoles?

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This game is more of an all-out “aarrrgggh kill everything quickly” fest than a survival horror game.

As the infected villagers in this terrifying town cooperate to eat you alive, we’re talking about pumping bullets into everything that moves. They have the ability to use weapons and even rush at you carrying rough objects!

Cold Fear

A mysterious Russian whaler sends out distress signals during a fierce Arctic storm. When you board the ship as renowned Coast Guard veteran Tom Hansen to investigate, you find unspeakable horrors hidden beneath its bloody decks.

There isn’t a better game to put at the top of this list, in my opinion. Players must try to determine what happened to all of their colleagues who have mysteriously vanished in this game. Which is set aboard a terrifying ship in the middle of Russian waters.

Will you ultimately succumb to the amorphous fear that has torn your world asunder?

You’ll really enjoy this title if you like Silent Hill. There is a tonne of finer details that players need to focus on, such as finding letters with clues or picking up dropped items, even though it’s undoubtedly frightening and a real pants-wetter.

As you engage the zombies with a variety of weapons, lead Tom Hanson into battle.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this game appears to have been developed for a console that was released much later than the PS2. Here, Sony’s second console excelled, and the game does a fantastic job of enticing you and encroaching on your dreams.

Are you courageous enough to take on Cold Fear, one of our list of the best zombie games on PS2?

Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Every game that requires the use of a light gun is a winner in my book, and this one is no different. While moving between levels and dousing zombies in lead, take on the roles of Bruce McGivern and Fondling.

There isn’t really anything else you need to know about this game, to be honest. The main draw is that you can actually shoot a toy gun at the television to participate in the action.

If only you could persuade your friends to dress up as zombies and munch on potato chips while sitting next to you on the couch.

Use a variety of weapons, including rifles and magnums, but don’t go through ammo too quickly. You’ll experience a lot as you frantically try to kill everything you see.

Alone In the Dark: Inferno

The popular survival horror genre’s originator is back and better than ever! Players take control of Edward Carnby, the protagonist from the first Alone in the Dark. As he travels on an exhilarating journey through a frightening recreation of Central Park in New York. Where Carnby must uncover the truth about a sinister conspiracy.

Alone in the Dark will be divided into a number of separate episodes, drawing on the presentation style of well-liked action TV dramas.

The structure of Alone in the Dark draws you into a world that offers a fiercely gripping and terrifying experience. Each episode lasts about 30 to 40 minutes of gameplay. Every time a saved game is launched by the player,

To quickly re-immerse the player in the story and eliminate the need for them to recall where they were or what they were doing in the previous episode, the new episode will open with a video summary of that episode.

Every episode will end on a cliffhanger to keep players on their toes, and if they are about to quit the game, a video teaser of the next episode will play to keep them interested.

With a combination of real-time physics and comprehensive environmental interaction. Alone in the Dark will deliver a comprehensive next-generation, action-packed experience within a highly detailed, free-roaming environment. The release of the game will usher in a new phase for the Alone in the Dark series.

Clock Tower 3

Alyssa Hamilton, the protagonist, appears to be able to “time travel” to the past by stepping into other realms. She is being pursued by sadistic and psychopathic serial killers in these worlds. Along the way, she unearths disturbing details about her family’s past and offers comfort to tortured souls who have passed on. The game takes place in London, England in 2003. Alyssa will journey through a mansion, ruined city, concert hall, underground factory, abandoned hospital, cemetery, and castle with a clock tower during the game.

Through the eyes of the Hamilton family, the plot is a side story that is tangentially related to the history of the Barrows/Burroughs family from Clock Tower: The First Fear and Clock Tower.

Additionally, there are no mentions of Helen Maxwell, Jennifer Simpson, the events in Norway, etc. It is not necessary to have played the series. Earlier installments to understand Clock Tower 3 because of the self-contained nature of the story. The Clock Tower series’ creator, Hifumi Kono, was asked to assist in game production but turned it down because he had other commitments at the time.

There’s more, making this game one of the best zombie games on ps2.

Resident Evil: Outbreak

Let’s add yet another Resident Evil title to the mix. When considering the iconic Zombie-slaying franchise, Resident Evil: Outbreak may not always come to mind first, but it is a genuine fright fest with a unique twist.

Residents of Racoon City must therefore battle for their lives. They are fighting the T-Virus to prevent it from transforming into zombies.

It’s game over when your internal T level reaches 100!
This game has 5 distinct levels, each with a unique scenario. While under extreme stress, try to stay alive as you explore various structures and environments, solving puzzles and figuring out issues.


Extermination. is a requirement for survival and, occasionally, a necessary aspect of life. Extermination is described as “to destroy completely, total destruction, eradication” in the dictionary.

Few historical occurrences provide us with a good example of extermination, but those that do have had a significant impact.

Many scientists believe that the demise of the dinosaurs was caused by a massive meteor impact that blanketed the planet in a deadly dust cloud, resembling a nuclear winter. Extermination often redefines the natural world’s equilibrium in ways that have never been done before.

A video game doesn’t quite redefine anything in terms of video games. But it does offer a refreshing new perspective on an established genre. You take on the role of Dennis Riley, a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, in Extermination.

You are asked to look into a distress signal sent by Fort Stewart. A covert military research facility tucked away deep in the Arctic. As a member of the special recon task force Red Light. Just miles from the facility, your plane is crippled by a devastating explosion, forcing you and a platoon of recon soldiers to bail out.


It is not intended for zombies, demons, or other evil creatures to hunt down people. It is the duty of half-vampire Bloodrayne to prevent them from invading our world by stopping them before they show up in our neighborhoods.

One of the most brutal characters I’ve ever seen, she beats back hordes of enemies by ripping gun turrets out of the ground. When she’s finished, she simply discards a weapon rather than loading it again and finding a new one.

Fair enough, you can just use the swords on your arms if you don’t want to fuss with getting a gun. That’s helpful, right?

This game will make you extremely happy if you enjoy playing bloody, gory games. Bloodrayne, a half-vampire, appears to be having fun, at least!

As the game goes on, your senses become more acute, and the environment slows down as you zero in on every enemy in the vicinity. It’s a wonderful game that is exceptionally well made.

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