10 Simple Minecraft Starter House Ideas (2022)

From simple to creative, we have a bunch of minecraft starter house ideas just for you.

Minecraft Starter Houe ideas 2022

Suppose, You are new to minecraft and you just want to build a house for shelter. You start making a house and here you go, you just built it with some basic knowledge. It’s that simple.

Now as a daily gamer, you want something new in your world. You spawned in a world, gathered some woods and made some stone tools. But now what kind of house you should construct to spend your nights. In this blogpost, Playhaze presents to you minecraft starter ideas so you can construct a best house in minecraft.

But before going into the details, we’ve somethings to tell you. You have to keep these things in mind while constructing a house.

What makes a good starter house?

  • You don’t need to make a big house like youtubers do. They are professionals. But don’t worry you’ll be also, one day. But before that you have to build your first house within some days, so you can get some basic knowledge.
  • The materials must be something you can get effortlessly. You don’t need Quartz, moss, copper at first to build your house
  • You will need all neccessary materials. Like bed to sleep, enough storage to store your loot, a farm to overcome your hunger

Note: Some house are not starter kind. but they are small means you don’t need much to build these small houses.

Underground base


Your house doesn’t have to be on the ground!

You could just build a base underground instead. This was created by Executivetree and is excellent for beginners. It is a small base made of readily available materials.

This base looks wonderful both inside and out because to its beautiful roof window. Last but not least, if it’s too tiny for you, you can later extend it by adding more rooms!

Overall, a great foundation build for your survival universe.

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Sheep’s waterside Farm


I’ve always thought it was a little odd to construct near water without taking into account the fact that there would probably be some puddles and ponds there.

The majority of the important areas are upstairs and well enclosed away from any sharpshooting skeletons.

Sheep’s waterside farm features a wonderful ground-level farm and a few essential spots outside. The balcony that looks out over the ocean is one of my favourites.

The good news is that wood makes up the majority of everything. With the exception of a few practical items like the charming table, you may simply construct this with any wood that is easily accessible nearby.

Sea pickles and other difficult-to-find items can be skipped without significantly altering the design or usefulness.

Easy Cottagecore House


Despite being a little more complicated than the conventional starter home, this debut entry by Dio Rods is one of my favourites. The addition of a greenhouse as a food source early in the game is a welcome touch, and the video also makes some good recommendations for future upgrades.

Tent Starter House

minecraft starter house ideas


Many people believe that a basic base must be a house, however a tent may be made just as quickly!

This beginning build is ideal for the early game because it is much more durable than tents in real life.

It only takes a few minutes to create, has a pleasant appearance, and only needs simple to gather blocks! It can even be built using various blocks.

Cave House

minecraft starter house ideas


Most people have once constructed a residence inside a mountain. However, they are rarely attractive to look at.

Typically, a room was mined, and then chests and crafting stations were added.

It needn’t be that way, though! Sv Gravity will demonstrate how to construct one that is not only useful but also has a beautiful design in this build guide.

He’ll demonstrate to you how to construct a stunning entrance and embellish the interior to make it appear amazing!

Mythical Tower House

This build might seem difficult at first, but it’s actually rather simple. Usually, you only need two kinds of wood. You can use any two woods together.

Mythical Sausage uses oak and spruce. Deepslate, tuff, cobblestone, and a small bit of brick make up the majority of the stone.

If you haven’t played Minecraft in a while, that could seem frightening, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding more than enough Deepslate resources because they are common underground.

Modern Houe Design

It’s not quite a “Starter House” because Rizzial used quartz in this construction, but because of its small size, you won’t need much of it.

Even while the sleek, contemporary design isn’t for everyone, the compact size of this one still makes it a tempting choice—as long as you don’t mind entering the Nether a little early than usual.

Desert Dome House

minecraft starter house ideas


This Rizzial construction uses quartz, making it less of a “Starter House,” although you won’t need much of it due to its small size.

The sleek design isn’t for everyone, but the compact size of this one still makes it a good choice if you don’t mind entering the Nether a little earlier than usual.

one of my favorite minecraft starter house ideas.

A Mountain House

Minecraft starter house ideas 2022


Do you not like the cave house?

Why not construct this breathtaking mountain home.

It’s one of my top picks for a beginner house in Minecraft.

The house features two enormous, amazing-looking circular windows, and the interior is spacious enough to meet all of your demands.

Jungle Treehouse

Minecraft starter house ideas 2022


The best spawning occurs in the jungle. You can cultivate melons, make a feathered companion, and, with any luck, find some priceless treasure in the temple in the jungle. It’s hardly the finest location to build buildings, though, with all the huge trees all around.

So why not ascend a tree and construct a beautiful treehouse?

This cool-looking treehouse has everything you could possibly need. Additionally, you’ll see your lovely Minecraft environment from a bird’s eye perspective.

Therefore, if you want to build a treehouse community, this design should work for you.

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These were the best minecraft starter house ideas. This list will be updated on weekly basis, so we never miss a new idea. Maybe, Next time building a house in sky, or constructing a shelter underwater. We will continously update this list as soon as possible. If you have any ideas you can submit in the contact button, or comment down for any queries.

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