11 Most Expensive But STUPID Games On Steam

Clicking with your mouse can cost you $400, can you believe it?

You will see hundreds of thousands of articles about the Most Expensive Games On Steam, There are indeed hundreds of the most expensive games on steam and Expensive+Stupid games on steam. We’ll look at some of the expensive but stupid games that are only a waste of time and money.

Some games are worth hundreds of dollars because they provide value for money. On the other hand, many games offer nothing for money. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most expensive but DUMB games on the internet.

This list goes from lower to higher. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Crisis Action VR

Crisis Action VR most expensive games on steam
Image Via Steam

One of the first games is Crisis Action VR. A year ago, the game cost 200 bucks. But when the developers realized that they are charging way too much money for nothing, they changed it to 20 bucks. A big downfall.

The game is all about killing enemies like zombies and different creatures. But here’s the twist.

Once you start the game, there is only one room. You can just sit here all day and do nothing. You will have a pistol with infinite ammo to shoot the walls maybe because there is nothing to shoot at.

I think this game is providing value for money lol, yeah I’m not kidding

You can get only one room and infinite ammo of a pistol for 20 bucks. You can buy this game at your own risk. Yes, I won’t guarantee anything, bro.

The official GamingTaylor Game

The official GamingTaylor Game
Image Via Steam

Imagine killing zombies with an RPG in a small castle.

The developer was too happy when he listed this game on steam, he added “Great Job!” to appreciate himself.

Although the game was released in 2018. But the graphics come straight from 2000. The enemies are glitchy. The gameplay is awful, and the main thing is there is no storyline. You just kill zombies with an RPG.

The fat zombies with overgrown bellies will just follow you. There is no death animation. You die if they come near you. You just hop around killing slow zombies with an RPG that only takes 2 sec to reload.😂

Now guess what is the price for this game? 50.49 dollars, oh my god. am I blind or something? why would anybody pay 50 bucks just to buy a glitchy game? Oh yes, some YouTubers already did.

That’s not the case with me. I’m not going to buy this game in my entire life.

Earthquake escape

Earthquake escape on steam
Image Via Steam

After playing this game, you won’t die in an earthquake. Yes, I’m not kidding.

As the name suggests, this game is all about escaping the earthquake. But wait, I forgot, there is no “all about”. There is only one level in this game.

And you can complete the level with a right-click, and boom, congratulations, you just wasted 64 dollars and some seconds of your life buying this game.

Let’s talk about gameplay, there is a boy who is trying to escape an earthquake, and you can help him escape the earthquake by pressing the right button😂. That’s it.

Now you can again restart the level and again press the right button after going to the exclamation point. And you can do it all the time until you regret your life choices.

Ultimately, this game costs 64 dollars just for clicking the right button. There’s no rocket science, just press the right button on your mouse. Do it right now you little…

yeah, you got it. this is what I was going to say. With this let’s move to another game


Image Via Steam

This is a real JF-17 thunder game where you fly a thunder plane specially designed for Pakistan Air Force.

You will fly realistic planes in this game. I won’t guarantee that this game stops responding when clicking on the game icon.

Yes, you are right, you are going to pay 80$ for a game icon and 80GB of computer space. I mean it’s pretty cool. You are getting 80GB of setup size even though it doesn’t run on any of the PC, but you are getting value for money.

I mean this is what you’ve always wanted in your life whenever you purchase anything online. This is what I’ve expected from online stores.

Some of the YouTubers played this game and it doesn’t run. It just stops responding. Either you can close the game or wait your whole life to respond.

I mean I’m not going to buy this game. Why would I spend 80$ for nothing? If you are curious, you can just buy it. Go now.

Derelict (Don’t buy)

Derelict (Don't buy) on steam
Image Via Steam

Even the title says “Don’t Buy”. We just jumped from $80 to 200$.

The graphics of this game came straight from 1990. Derelict was released in 2018, but the developers are too lazy to work on this game.

You just shoot some weird-looking creatures that won’t look even real.

The enemies come in waves. You can only survive by shooting them. No storyline, no graphics, nothing good in-game, and it costs you $200. You are dead if you get out of the space station.

This game will cost you $200. If you are rich enough to waste your $200, you can do this by buying this game.

Super fight

super fight expensive games on steam
Image Via Steam

Super Fight is an awesome single-player game with immersive graphics and realistic characters, and with only one level.

Yes, you heard that right, this game has only one level. You can get this game for only $200.

You will get value for money. This game is so sophisticated, you will play the first level your whole life because there is no second level.

Once you kill the four enemies, you can restart the game again and again and again…

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Lousy Airplane (2020)

Lousy Airplane
Image Via Playstore

Imagine flying a plane for only $374.99.

Sounds cool right? You can fly a plane for only $374.99. You don’t need a driver’s license if it works on the plane, and don’t need any training to fly a plane.

Just think that you can do it and you will do it one day.

There is only one button to play this game and that is “Space“. Yes, you can fly a plane using only the space button, that’s why flying a plane is so cheap nowadays.

Now, let’s come to the point, who is going to buy this game just for fun? Comment down the name and we’ll meet them personally.

Most Expensive Clicker

Most expensive clicker

Did you ever think that clicking with a mouse or tapping with a finger can ever cost you $400?

Presenting you with the most expensive clicker for only $400.

You just have to click on the buy button once and you will enjoy the ultimate experience of clicking or tapping with your finger.

I mean my iPhone 7 Plus costs only 100 bucks, but I will buy this most expensive clicker to show my iPhone that you are worth 500 dollars now, because whoever taps on my iPhone, will cost them $400.

Let’s face the fact. This game has 10 downloads, which means that they have $4000 in their accounts already.

Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience

Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience most expensive games on steam
Image Via Steam

Build an “Iron man” suit, arrange a large empty room, and at the end, buy this game for only $999.

This game is pretty good if you have got a large space to play in a big room. But the main thing is the cost of this game.

Imagine you bought this game, and you realized later that you need a big room to play this game, and there is no refund.

Well, if I was you, I will regret my life choices, and more importantly, stop playing games afterward.

I’m just kidding. The fact is the graphics of this game aren’t pretty good and it cost more than you can think of.

still, 7 users bought this game, I don’t know why, but they did.

Train Sim world 2

Train Sim world 2 most expensive games on steam

Last but not least, Train Sim World 2 is a game all about trains.

You can drive trains using cinematic modes, first-person and third-person. Buying all the DLCs of this game will cost around $1000.

What you can do is drive a train to the most realistic immersive and breathtaking places. But there is no chance I’m gonna pay 1k bucks for driving a train

Overall, this game is worth playing if you like to play games with a natural touch.

The Hidden And Unknown

Now we’re going to talk about a game that is so hidden and unknown, it’s basically invisible because it costs 2k bucks for nothing.

Now you might be wondering what the heck this game is. I’ve never heard of it, and that’s right. The game is so exclusive, you practically have to be a secret agent just to find out about it.

First thing first, let’s talk about gameplay. The rules are simple. There are no rules! that’s right, you heard me. Because there is nothing to play about it. It’s more like a PowerPoint presentation, but without having control over it.

There is no way someone is going to buy this game (this game already got 19 fair reviews). Well, I just wanted you to know there’s nothing! literally nothing!!


Let me know if you are going to buy any of the games in the comment section. If you are interested in these types of gaming blogs, consider checking out related guides.

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