10 Best Tomb Raider Games Of 2022

best tomb raider games
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Putting the best tomb raider games into one post isn’t a easy job. Honestly, if you ask me which one of the tomb raider game is your favorite, I would say ALL.

The tomb raider series is one of my favorite games I used to play in my childhood. I wasn’t playing in any sequence, so I started from Tomb Raider Underworld. And from that time it is one of my favorite games.

You will enjoy parkour moves while playing this game. New techniques and weapons and the game sound are always breathtaking.

This won’t take long for you to fall in love with this series of tomb raider. A girl lost in jungles trying to find his legacy is somehow really cool to me.

While making this list, It was hard for me to choose which one should be the number one. So I put all my stress in one place, and choose Tomb Raider Underworld.

The reason isn’t that it was my first game. but if you want to enjoy gameplay with some good graphics and quality on a low-end PC, then I think this game will be a better choice.

So without further ado, let’s compile this list of best tomb raider games

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Tomb Raider Underworld

Will Lara eventually find her mother, who is stuck in Avalon? You’ll just have to play Tomb Raider: Underworld to find out!

I’ll say one thing about these Tomb Raider games: you get to see some beautiful destinations while paying for them! Travel from the Arctic to the Mediterranean in search of treasure while learning about Norse mythology along the way.

It’s a present that keeps on giving!

The PS3’s strength makes these levels appear unreal. The Tomb Raider games became less about gun-toting and more on finding the right climbing paths to secret locales and solving riddles as they proceeded.

Use the amazing Sonar map to gain a better picture of your surrounds and explore the world as it glides in slow motion between dangerous possibilities.

I could spend hours strolling about in this game without doing anything, and the same goes for the next game on our list!

Tomb Raider Legend

Without Legend’s popularity, there’s a high possibility Lara’s fantastic remake trilogy would never have seen the light of day. Following the unfortunate release of Angel of Darkness in 2003, the relic-hunting series appeared to be doomed.

After the dust had settled, Crystal Dynamics responded with a prequel/part reboot that aimed to eliminate the unfocused excess of AoD.

which emphasizes riddles and crisp platforming over its combat-heavy predecessor, is a confident reminder of what Lara is all about.

This is the game that started Ms. Croft’s due redemption, with the kind of streamlined setpiece spectacle that would eventually place Lara fully back on the map in 2013.

And, of course, an early Tomb Raider game wouldn’t be complete without Lara going around with two pistols in her hands, would it? She’s a force to be reckoned with with that and a pocket full of grenades.

I enjoy the motorcycle and jeep sequences in this game; anything that makes Lara even more badass is OK in my book!

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Tomb Raider 2013

best tomb raider games
credit: PC Gamer

Tomb Raider, the ninth instalment in the series, was released in 2013 as a rebooted remake of the franchise that also examines Lara Croft’s origin narrative.

The plot takes place on the mythical lost island of Yamatai off the coast of Japan and features complex gameplay and a multiplayer mode.

Lara’s main goal in the game is to find the hidden realm and confront the Sun Queen. A magical figure with the ability to alter the weather.

The game was hailed for Camilla Luddington’s voice acting as Lara, in addition to its redesigned and upgraded gameplay.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Another sequel that built on the brilliance of its forebears. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a stunning Siberian adventure that absolutely everyone should play.

With brilliant puzzle design, a rich, weather-worn world to get lost in, and some cool combat and crafting mechanics. It’s a great testament to Crystal Dynamics’ vision for the future of Lara Croft’s journey.

Tomb Raider 2000

Things were getting thin by this time in the franchise. The best Tomb Raider games were thought to be in the rearview mirror because ideas were sparse and there wasn’t much technological progress because these were still released on the original PlayStation system.

Lara was assumed dead following the events of the last instalment, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. That means her missions had to have a more stealthy feel to them, possibly to capitalise on the popularity of Metal Gear Solid at the time.

Unfortunately, reviews for this instalment were mixed, but a film was on the way to boost popularity once more.

Tomb Raider 1997

Tomb Raider II is ranked eighth on our list of the best Tomb Raider games released in 2022. It’s without a doubt one of the best PlayStation 1 games we’ve ever played, and it defined a generation.

If Link and Mario are Nintendo’s go-to warriors, and the Master Chief represents the Xbox. Then Lara is unquestionably the PS1’s chosen champion.

This game sold over 8 million copies throughout its existence, demonstrating to the gaming world that female characters are much more than merely side characters who need to be saved.

Games like Returnal and Horizon: Zero Dawn might not have existed without Tomb Raider 2!

It’s about time the rest of the globe realized the same thing…

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light

In addition to removing the Tomb Raider brand from the title, Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light changed the franchise’s whole method of gameplay.

The game is an arcade-style game with a static camera, rather than a linear adventure game with a virtual camera. It’s also the series’ first game to have a multiplayer feature.

In terms of plot, the game places Lara in pursuit of an ancient smoke mirror that has been imprisoning the Keeper of Darkness, Xolotl, for 2,000 years.

Lara has till daybreak to overcome her enemies after mercenaries steal the mirror and release Xolotl and its terrible minions. According to the reviews, this game was a refreshing twist on a series that really needed it.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

The final instalment of the revamped Lara’s trilogy is a terrific action adventure, though a touch soulless.

While battling jaguars in the humid bowels of the Amazon may not be as exciting as axing a grizzly to death on the Siberian wastes in Rising of the Tomb Raider. Expands on the sophisticated mechanics of its predecessors with never-better stealth and gunplay.

Yes, the story is once again a flaw.

But when the Challenge Tombs are so fantastic and the setpieces are so exciting – the early flood scene is really jaw-dropping – it’s difficult to blame Shadow for being the weakest link in a stellar trilogy.

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation

Lara Croft travels to Cambodia and Egypt in the fourth instalment of the Tomb Raider franchise after accidently releasing the ancient Egyptian god Set from his tomb.

To return him to his last resting place. Lara must discover the several pieces of armour belonging to Set’s nemesis Horus and utilise them in conjunction with an ancient amulet to vanquish the rogue god.

The game was somewhat controversial in that it appeared to seek to end Lara’s character after the adventure. Its gameplay, on the other hand, was powerful, with Lara being able to accomplish new movements like climbing up and down ropes and poles. And Also hanging from dangling ropes, and shimmying around corners.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider: Anniversary, the second game in what is termed the ‘Legend Trilogy’. Acts as a prequel to Tomb Raider, despite being released after it and being the eighth game in the series. It’s also a remake of the original Tomb Raider game, so it’s easy for newbies to get confused.

The plot revolves around Lara Croft’s search for the Scion of Atlantis, during which she must explore several levels,and fight adversaries. And solve a series of difficult puzzles in the same, but vastly better, style as the original.

Anniversary offers plenty of updated exploration and hard platforming, which should delight fans of the original Tomb Raider from 1996.

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